Space Age Blues

October 25, 2010
Honeytribe / Devon Allman
Mascot Records
Producer: Devon Allman
Number of discs: 1

‘Science fiction blues’ isn’t a genre you’ll find in an illustrated history of rock and roll. At least not yet. But Devon Allman and his group Honeytribe make a case for its inclusion with their ground-breaking new album Space Age Blues. That description gets right to the heart of Space Age Blues 11 songs. Allman, bassist George Potsos and drummer Gabriel Strange have created a portrait of our tech-mad era, an age moving in hyper drive that occasionally challenges our very humanity.
Allman and Honeytribe’s newest record is much more than a concept album. It s also a musical thrill ride, carefully constructed, but full of surprises like guitar licks that explode into whistling comet trails, lush beds of strings and an overall sonic palette that draws on the best of electric music’s past and present, blending the stomp of classic rock with the sweet caress of soul and the intoxicating swirl of modern psychedelia.